martedì 16 marzo 2021

The fantastic world of Rubic's Cubes

 Hi girls today I want to talk to you about a game a little loved and a little hated, personally it has always been a nightmare of mine for my impatience but it was much loved by my son who was able to solve it very quickly, sorry I didn't tell you still what I'm talking about or the infamous `` Rubic's Cube ''

Over time, even the cube has been updated in fact for lovers of the genre today wandering on the web I visited an incredible site with many cubes of various sizes and shapes.

It seems to me to go back in time seeing all these magnificent objects.

The site is called GanCube and offers magnetic cubes with various shapes as I already have

Mentioned but above all of various levels of difficulty including the classic one, the triangular one, the 2 and 3-sided or hexagonal one and many others.

There are many gift ideas, in a few days it is Father's Day and it would be an original and super cool gift to give your parents the whole Rubic Cubes kit.

gan cube

feliks zemdegs cube websiteOne of the most particular things I noticed on the site is an application, which from what I understand, connects the cube to the phone as an interface that can explain step by step how to solve it, and also you can always compete through this app and the challenge cube. with friends or people from all over the world using this fantastic item.

Another peculiarity going to the shop that I saw is a sort of machine that from what I understand always connected to the mobile phone application, can automatically solve the cube for you, so for my impatience I found the perfect tool, so too I will be able to amaze my friends and family by making them believe that I solved it when the machine will do all the work.

Always wandering around the site I found other cubes, which may be suitable for children, as the site says these types of cubes help children to focus on something and as they grow and face difficulties and why not also for my impatience not having any never solved 1 starting with these would spur me to challenge myself, they vary from normal cubes because they can be 2,3,4 colors, certainly easier to solve than the classic one.feliks zemdegs website

They also created for these cubes, many really useful accessories, such as the plastic sheath that saves it from bumps, the timer to test your speed, or, the t-shirt, the stickers, the mat and much more. yet.

The site is easy to navigate, the languages ​​we can choose are English, Chinese, Spanish, the payment methods are simple, with credit cards or even more simply with Paypal.

I recommend that you visit it to discover all these news.

lunedì 22 febbraio 2021

Un gesto d'amore


I sogni servono di questi tempi, non  avere sogni e come vivere sospesi, ecco che oggi vi ripropongo un articolo che avevo già menzionato nel mio blog un po’ di tempo fa.

Un regalo unico nel suo genere, una stella da dedicare ad una persona cara, volete scoprire come ottenerla, allora continuate a leggere.    propone un’idea da favola una stella da dedicare ad una persona che amate  un nipotino/a ad un parente speciale ad un amico/a, ad un marito ad un padre etc.

 Adattissima da regalare per un Battesimo

Basta semplicemente scegliere il nome da dare alla stella, mettere la data di nascita e scegliere la costellazione.

Dopodiché  loro vi invieranno tanto di  certificato con il nome della stella da voi scelto e una mappa per visualizzare la posizione della costellazione tutto in una magnifica scatola-

Tempo fa già ho regalato una stella ad una mia nipotina per il battesimo che la mamma ha messo in cornice ed esposta nella sua stanzetta.


 Adesso sto pensando di regalarne una ad una mia cara amica  che si sente un po’ triste, un piccolo gesto per farla sorridere e farla sognare che anche se non possiamo andare lontano possiamo ugualmente viaggiare nell’universo.

Il sito è facile da navigare e anche semplice per selezionare il prodotto che si desidera e le modalità di pagamento sono diverse tra cui anche PayPal.

Regalare una stella è un bel gesto d'amore e può essere regalata in ogni occasione speciale e non rimarrà sempre nei pensieri di chi l'ha ricevuta.