lunedì 16 ottobre 2017

Halloween Custome GIVEAWAY

Halloween Custome GIVEAWAY

3 WINNERS! Get Free Gifts!

1. Following @dresslink-Official
2. Tag 3 friends
3. Choose which one you prefer to, left or right? More choices for your selection here: paste the link of your fave in the comment.
3 winners will be picked at random & get the item you choose respectively.
Please Click >Left Photo
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Ends on Octor 23th. Good Luck!
(P.S.You can only choose one item,or you will lose the chance to win. If you have bought the product you win before Octor 23th, we can refund you the money)

 io ho fatto la mia scelta ora tocca a voi, fate presto il giveaway scade tra poco,
buona fortuna a tutte